Model MRT-66    Parts List
Part No.DescriptionPrice
BS-TV26Big Screen TV Attachment$85.00
S-11Strap extension-6' w/Hook and Loop$24.79
S-12Strap extension-4' w/Hook and Loop$21.87
M-7Footplate (5$41.32
P-9AFootplate Pad - 4$15.31
Crawler Tread
CT-1Complete Stevens Aluminum Crawler Tread-1/2$43.75
CT-2Complete Stevens Aluminum Crawler Tread-3/8$42.54
CT-3V Belt - Aluminum Crawler Tread$9.72
CT-4Crawler Side Plate-Bossed 3/8$14.58
CT-4ACrawler Side Plate-Plain 3/8$14.58
CT-4BCrawler Side Plate-Plain 1/2$17.02
CT-5Plastic Roller Bearings (Set of 44)$15.80
P-3BRubber & Felt Set (1 3/4$43.27
P-6Glue (2 oz jar)$10.94
P-8DFelt Set Only w/glue$25.28
P-9Footplate Pad - 4$11.42
P-10DCrossmember Felt (1 1/2$16.52
P-15Rubber Strip (1 3/4$16.52
S-3Complete (14' ) Two Piece Strap w/Hook & Loop $46.66
S-6Hook & Loop Buckle Set Only$7.29
S-10Anchor Clip w/Hwd$5.43
Miscellaneous -Grips, Springs, Axles, Cranks, etc.
M-4EAxle (5/8$12.88
M-6Footplate (5$34.03
R-1DComplete 22 1/4$70.48
R-3DHandle, Plate & Shaft Assembly 22 1/4$54.69
R-4Holding Dog Assembly w/Hwd. Models after 03/01$18.23
R-5Recoil Spring$12.15
R-6Handle Return Spring$7.29
R-7Alum Collar 3/4$6.08
R-8Spacer 3/4$6.08
R-9Recoil Spring Housing Tube$10.33
R-10Spring Housing Cap$5.32
Frame Parts
F-1Spacer Bar w/Bolt$9.72
F-2Top Aluminum Cross Member$30.39
F-3Cross Member w/Dog$44.97
F-6Magnesium Side Rail w/Handle (Right Side from behind Truck)$110.68
F-6AMagnesium Side Rail w/Handle (Left Side from behind Truck)$110.68
F-9Top Handle w/Hardware$12.15
F-10Side Handle w/Hardware$9.72
W-9APhenolic Wheel 5" x 2.00"$17.01
W-12Thermoplastic Tread/Polyolefin Core 6" x 2.00"$20.66
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